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Fans of beautiful Italian library music, doom metal, giant costumes, OHPs and canned cocktails. They are always punctual. Come see them play!
The Monkeys In Love Will Pet & Cuddle You →

Read a short story based on our second album title by award-winning writer Valerie O’Riordan! We performed this together at the album launch in February 2013

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Short stories by collaborator Valerie O'Riordan →

Couple of short stories based on Monkeys In Love song titles here by Valerie O’Riordan - An Owl With Hands and The Man In The Keith Moon T-Shirt. We’re doing a live collaboration with her at the launch party on 28 February. Enjoy!

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Collaboration with writer Valerie O’Riordan at Didsbury Arts Festival on 27 September - part of Flashtag Writers WORD>PLAY night

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